Portal search ingress

Feby 8, 2020
portal search ingress

portal search ingress

The world around you is not what it seems. Our future is at stake and you must choose a side. Join my faction in Ingress - a global game of mystery, intrigue and conquest.

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portal photo review appeal - 10th St True North Trail Art, Houston TX Niantic 26 views 2 comments 0 points Most recent by NianticKN March 12 photo marked as duplicate

I am attempting to remove a portal that should never have been allowed in Ingress / GO ever When I click "report invalid portal" the only options I see are "pedestrian access", "interfere with emergency service" "private property" "school" "removed" or "duplicate" What happens if the portal I wish to remove needs to be removed for an unlisted reason?

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Directory. Organization is key in this struggle! Feel free to add (free) your own group to the directory, or search for those already in existence.

The official Ingress Intel map. Communicate with others and view portals, links, and fields. Dynamic Historical Marker map. Many of the portals in Ingress are based on this data. Dynamic Census map for the United States. Prioritize which areas to place control fields over.

The Official Ingress Channel keeps you updated on the world of Ingress. It brings you new episodes of the "Ingress Report" every Thursday, with more clues, v...

Ingress (or Ingress Prime) is an augmented reality (AR) mobile game developed and published by Niantic for Android and iOS devices. The game first released on December 14, 2013 for Android devices and then for iOS devices on July 14, 2014. The game is free-to-play, uses a freemium business model, and supports in-app purchases for additional in-game items. The mobile app has been downloaded ...

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