Aegis nova ingress

Feby 8, 2020
aegis nova ingress

aegis nova ingress

Ingress XM Anomaly - Aegis Nova - Tokyo - JULY 16, 2016 - Saturday, July 16, 2016

 · Gear up for Aegis Nova. Whether you choose to participate at the free level, or the Very Rare level, we look forward to seeing you there. Note 1: You may buy multiple kits, but will receive only one (1) Aegis Nova Medal Card if you pick your kits up in person.

 · soundtrack: In The End - Linkin Park. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue

 · On July 16th, the Enlightened fought bravely with the Resistance in Tokyo. Both teams worked hard, but only one would be victorious. This was my …

 · The discovery of Exotic Matter (XM), a mysterious energy, has divided mankind into two Factions. Choose your side and band together to explore this strange world - and maybe even control it.

The Wargames series continued into Aegis Nova with 15 puzzles containing critical intel for the agent who solves them. Verum Inveniri started off the festivities just before 1200 UTC and the first 10 puzzles all being unlocked within 90 minutes.At 2200 UTC, Verum Inveniri announced more challenges to bring the total to 15.. Remember, all the codes for this series eventually solve to the format ...

Install Ingress Mission Map Helper (Google Chrome Extention). Open Intel Map. Open Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I) Open mission list. already exists. not yet. loading... Open the mission, and the detail is sent to server. Visit my blog (only japanese, sorry!).

The Finale Mega-Anomaly in Tokyo on July 16th will be worth 5. On the day of the Aegis Nova Finale, the Faction with the greater number of points will control the Aegis Nova series. A coordinated, team-based approach is recommended. A resource to help Agents find their Faction Points of Contact is available on Page 1 of this document.

According to Ezekiel Calvin, Nemesis is protected by a shield and our Task is to bring it down in order to defeat them. This somewhat reminds me of the Shield of Obsidius, that was deployed during the "Obsidian Shield"-Series by The Acolyte and brought down during the "Aegis Nova"-Series by Jahan.

Owner: Widrik, Gastie, Akalabet | Location: RU Moscow | Missions: 54 | Portals: 344 / 6.37 Ø | Time: 7St. 15m | Distance: 21.24 km

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