Ingress portal reset time

Feby 8, 2020
ingress portal reset time

ingress portal reset time

When a portal is burned out in ingress, how long until it's hackable again? Ask Question ... It may take significant time for the Portal to reset How long is significant time? ingress. share ... Also good to mention that if you put a Heat Sink on the portal, the clock is reset instantly. So, if you hack 4 times, THEN place a HS on the portal ...

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 · Niantic has issued a press release for the upcoming upgrade to Ingress, known as Ingress Prime.Among this press release was a huge announcement that the game board (portals) would be reset as part of the upgrade. The launch of Ingress Prime in 2018 will kick off a massive new story arc, beginning a brand new narrative for Agents worldwide. While the global game board will reset as part …

Hack it four times and wait the rest of the time = 1 hack an hour. ... “First off, when Ingress portal go to Burn Out state it will stay like that until end of that 4 hour cycle. So if you burned it out close to end of that cycle, portal will be back soon. If you are too pushy it will be burn out for almost all cycle.

You come to the farm at 9am and hack every portal (not L8 yet) one time. At noon build time you have 3 hacks remaining. You walk farm and make your 3 loops of L8 portals. You finish just before 1pm. You recharge some remote portals and wait until 1:01pm, at which time your burnout will reset. You can now hack the farm 4 more times.

A Heat Sink can be used to decrease the duration between Portal hacks. It’s used to cooldown a portal so it can be hacked again sooner. The Heat sink is one of the 5 new Ingress Portal Mods from the Ingress v1.28.1. The Heat sink and Multi-hack will create some great portal farming areas. AsRead More

Well they could just add a thumbs down 👎 to match the 👍 symbol so that Agents can like or dislike a portal photo and if so many dislikes are registered set in the background processes by the niantic ingress/wayfayer systems then photos can be upgraded or removed by the system or sent to an archive for a mod to look at...many of us can't submit or edit notes or title descriptions yet due ...

"A Spoofer neutralizing a Portal in a dense urban area that can be recaptured with very little effort should be reported to NIA OPS yourself" Should say TR the spoofer, you might stop them before they visit a mountain top. Don't ask for the urban portal to be reset.

What is the logic behind the timer of the Sojourner Badge? Ask Question Asked 4 years, ... it does not have to be the same Portal every time. ... It can say the Hack Streak is still on when it has in fact been reset; The time of day of the very first hack only tells when the …

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