Ingress medal passcode

Feby 8, 2020
ingress medal passcode

ingress medal passcode

Founder badge is a special badge awarded to Agents that were supporting Ingress from early on. This badge doesn’t have tiers like the others but is something that every Agent is displaying proudly on their profiles. The Founder badge was only achievable on December 14th …

From the 1.35.1 version of the scanner we now have Agent badges – achievements system. Badges/medals are displayed on the Agent profile page and their purpose is to show agent achievements and game progress, as well as a requirement for levels above 8. Each badge have 5 different tiers, except Founder and event badges: BronzeRead More

By purchasing one ingress medals you will receive the unused ingress passcode code to redeem your ingress badges (virtual) that will be transferred to your ingress account. Warning This step is irreversible, once redeemed the unused ingress passcode can not 'more' to be reused. Therefore it is NOT possible to start returning the product

Shonin Series 03/04/05 have just ended and there were a series of puzzles released around 03:30 UTC on Thursday. Fifteen…

Here our ingress medals badges collection. We sell only the passcode we do not sell the card itself. So after purchase we will send you via email the code to retrieve the medal.

I think the only time badges were pushed to scanner right then was when they handed out the passcode card things on site with them in it. It's been a long while since then and they've moved to pushing them to keep people who didn't attend from getting them (via illicit purchase or whatever means)

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Ingress Medals, (Ingress badge). Ingress character medal : HANK JOHNSON HANK JOHNSON. ADVENTURER HISTORIAN AND DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER. One of the first individuals to identify YA what would become known as XM Hank Johnson was a member of the Niantic Project, bringing to it his knowledge of ancient civilizations and the influence of what he termed "power spots."

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