How to reset ingress account

Feby 8, 2020
how to reset ingress account

how to reset ingress account

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hi guys, I have tried Ingress for sometime and basically I don:t have enough time to travel since I'm a student. I've contacted support to have my account reset (it's as same as having your data wiped like you never played Ingress right?)

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To reset your child account’s password: Have your child open their game and attempt to log in using the Niantic Kids login method. Tap the 'Forgot your password" option and follow the prompts to reset their password. An email containing a password reset link will be sent to the parent's email address.

My account has been reset to Level 1. ... You may have inadvertently created another Ingress account. This happens when you create a Ingress account with one login method (Google Account or Facebook) and later attempt to sign in with a different login method or email address.

 · Ingress (2.0) Prime: Global Game Board Reset. December 6, 2017. by Fevenis Comments. SHARE. Niantic has issued a press release for the upcoming upgrade to Ingress, known as Ingress Prime. Among this press release was a huge announcement that the game board (portals) would be reset as part of the upgrade.

how to reset ingress account ⭐ Ingress Passcodes and Community Help ✅ how to reset ingress account

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